in Midhurst, West Sussex with Marcus Sly

Person-centred body psychotherapy offers a gentle, holistic approach to change and growth which can help you develop greater resilience, let go of stuck feelings, pain and disconnection, and move into a more positive relationship with yourself and others.  In the sessions we can use movement, dialogue, breath, role-play and hands-on work to explore your experience, let go of held tension and stuck energy, and find new ways of being and relating.

Stress, low energy, stuck-ness, depression and disconnection and  are not just in the mind — they also involve patterns of tension and contraction in the body. We express, hold and experience feelings through the body, and it in turn reflects back to us our state of mind and emotions. Working with the physical and emotional levels together can often enable positive change when other approaches get stuck. 


Allowing the body to fully feel, express and tell its story can bypass the 'stuck record' of thoughts, beliefs and words and enable you to let go of the past and open up to new experiences and ways of being. In the session I support you to move, vocalise and express, to let go of past hurt and trauma, and gently support you to open into new ways of being and experiencing yourself  (you can read more about how it works and what happens in a session here).

This work may be a good fit for you if one of the following is true:

  • You feel generally low, depressed or numb,
  • You feel you live too much in your head, or that you are not really 'in your body', and would like to feel more present and connected,
  • You feel stressed, tense or tired and exhausted for no obvious reason,
  • You find it hard to connect with and to express your emotions,
  • You feel something in you is holding you back,
  • You have a core sense of fear or deep anxiety which you can't explain or make sense of,
  • You want to change, grow and be more creative and fulfilled,
  • You tend to experience and express yourself by and through your body and are looking for a therapy which honours this aspect of yourself.

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Midhurst is within easy striking distance of Haslemere and Chichester.